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Directional drilling
Bravo Environmental assisting drilling contractor with removal of bentonite

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Directional Drilling

Bravo offers removal of drilling slurry directly from your drilling site to numerous disposal sites available to us throughout the Northwest. Years of experience make Bravo a natural choice to assist you with all aspects of your directional boring operation.

Benefits of Hiring Bravo:

  • Bravo's fleet of Vactor and Guzzler trucks ranges from three to eight axles. Meeting applicable weight regulations is big concern while transporting drilling slurry.
  • Bravo can legally carry up to 25 tons of material.
  • Low per ton cost of bentonite disposal.
  • Sealed drop boxes with capacities ranging from 4000-6000 gallons.

Operators are specifically trained to understand the basics of directional drilling, allowing them to meet the expectations of our demanding job foreman/supervisor.

Vactor and Guzzler trucks