Industrial Vacuuming

Industrial Vacuuming

construction sweeper

Bravo Environmental industrial vacuuming

Bravo can meet all your challenges and requirements for industrial cleaning. Our exemplary safety program can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Hiring Bravo:

  • Bravo’s Guzzlers are equipped with a 5000 PSI water blaster, or air spades, depending on the service requested.
  • Sound silencing enclosure for additional noise reduction over standard/traditional industrial machines.
  • Largest available 28 inch, 5800 CFM blower. Allows Bravo to perform a variety of tough jobs.
  • For higher efficiency, the Guzzler ACE has more filter bags (68), creating a better air-to-cloth ratio and a minimal overall pressure drop.

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Bravo’s Guzzler