Trenchless Pipe Repairs “the NO Dig solution”

Bravo performs trenchless repairs on storm and sanitary systems. Using  LMK Technologies CIPP liners and the patented Quicklock SS repair sleeves.

LMK Technologies

LMK T-liner Lateral Repair :

  • Stand alone full circle structural repair
  • 5.5″ to 24″ mainlines
  • Lengths up to 200′
  • ASTM F2561-11 compliant
  • Minimum 50 year design life
  • Compression gaskets on mainline tube and top end lateral tube
  • Fully licensed and factory trained installation crews.
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Before T-linerLMK T-liner

LMK Performance Liner sectional inversion mainline repair:

  • Cured in place- both ambient and steam methods
  • Simultaneous resin saturation & curing
  • Compression gaskets seal both ends in host pipe
  • Compatible with all host pipe materails
  • 3′ to 50′ lengths, 6″ to 25″ diameters
  • 4.5 mm to 30mm thick liner with tapered ends
  • Minimum 50 year design life
  • Conforms to ASTM F1216 and ASTM F2599-11 standards
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Liner Stamp

Quicklock Point Repair

  • Single acces point repair method
  • 50 year design life- full stainless steel construction/with sealing gasket
  • 6″ to 32″ diameters
  • Blanks dead/leaking laterals
  • High flow installation
  • Fully removalable without damaging the host pipe

LMK Vac-a-Tee Clean Out Installation

  • Semi-Trenchless clean out installation method.
  • Small 20″ “safe dig” hydro-excavation exposes small section of side sewer host pipe.
  • Installs in several hours or less.
  • Very low site restoration cost and effort with minimal surface impact.
  • Side sewer service is continuous throughout process.
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