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Pipeline inspection
Bravo Environmental performing confined space entry during inspection project

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Infrastructure Inspection

CCTV Surveys

Bravo can meet your CCTV pipeline inspection needs and requirements by providing high quality equipment and experienced crew. Utilizing remote control operated camera equipment to analyze and report structural conditions of your infrastructure.

CCTV Surveys Video Presentation:

  • Large (Windows Media, broadband)
  • Small (Windows Media, modem)

Benefits of Hiring Bravo:

  • Bravo operates RST video vans. RST utilizes a single conductor cable that greatly improves image quality and allows us to meet lighting requirements in large diameter pipes.
  • Bravo has the ability to inspect 3 to 120 inch pipes.

List of processing and delivery options:

Delivery Formats

  • SVHS
  • CD-ROM
  • DVD
  • Hard drive


  • WinCan America offers flexibility to meet your customized reporting requirements.

Coding Formats

  • NASSCO-PACP (see below links for details)
  • WRC (see below links for details)

Reporting Formats

  • Printed with color photos
  • Excel
  • Access

Other Equipment

  • Steerable Storm Drain Tractor for 24" to 144" pipes, on rubber tires for debris
  • Explosion Proof Main Line Camera available
  • Mini Tractor for 4" - 6" lines
  • Crawler on tracks for 6" to 24" lines, Crawlers on 4 or 6 wheels for 6" to 32" lines, with additional lights as needed
  • Pontoon for heavy flow or tunnels, 24" minimum
  • Skids for smoke stacks (may have to custom build, depending on stack)
  • Inclinometer, with skids, average and exact reporting
  • Push Camera for 3" - 6" lines, tied to computer system and locater
  • Skid Assembly for pipes with not enough traction for tractor, 2000' of cable and remote
  • Fully outfitted Cube Van with work bench, safety equipment, confined space entry equipment, air monitors

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