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Confined space entry
Bravo Environmental crew following confined space entry procedures.
Seattle, WA


Infrastructure Inspection

Confined Space Entry

Confined spaces pose a serious hazard to crews working in our industry. Regulatory agencies have established guidelines concerning entry into confined spaces.

Confined Space Entry Video Presentation:

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Benefits of Hiring Bravo:

  • Bravo treats all confined space entries with importance. We understand that the lives of our employees are at stake. We pride ourselves on a clean, accident-free record.
  • Part of our success is our dedication to continuous Confined Space training for all employees.

We understand that training alone is not adequate preparation. In addition to training, our crew is also supplied with:

  • Air monitoring equipment
  • Permits (if required)
  • Tripods for entry and rescue
  • Ventilators

Bravo enforces a "Zero Tolerance" policy for bypassing any confined space entry rules. Weekly training and refresher courses ensure 100% compliance with OSHA and WISHA regulations.