Acoustic Sewer Inspection & Testing

Bravo Environmental is proud to be the first user of Acoustic Sewer Testing (SL-RAT) technology in the Pacific Northwest.  Having already completed over 100,000 LF of acoustic surveys, we are excited by what this sewer assessment method offers to asset managers who are looking for an efficient, cost-effective, and fast way to determine if a pipe needs immediate cleaning or CCTV inspection, or not.

Bravo has acquired the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT), developed by InfoSense, a new technology which utilizes sound waves transmitted from one sewer manhole (MH) to the next.   Based on the readings of the acoustic signature transmitted through a segment of sewer pipe, the existence of blockages can be assessed.

The highly portable SL-RAT system consists of two pieces of equipment, a transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX), with each piece being handled by an operator, and set up at adjacent sewer MHs. Typically, testing a line segment requires 1-3 minutes in the field.  During the acoustic testing, Bravo also conducts MH inspections, providing condition assessment reports, measurements of the MH structure, and digital photos.

The SL-RAT acoustic test result is displayed as a numeric score from 0-10, with 0 being 100% blockage, and 10 being 100% clear.  The data from the SL-RAT system is uploaded daily to a server in the form of a CSV or Excel spreadsheet for integration into GIS.  In addition, the SL-RAT contains GPS receivers, so the position of each MH test point is also geolocated, and the test results can also be visually displayed as a GPS overlay in commonly used programs such as Google Earth.

Example of GPS Overlay of Acoustic Test Results in Google Earth

Example of GPS Overlay of Acoustic Test Results in Google Earth, where GREEN pipe segments are in GOOD condition, YELLOW pipe segments are in FAIR condition, and RED pipe segments are in POOR condition.