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Vacuuming manholes
Bravo Environmental vacuuming manholes, Seattle, WA

Infrastructure Maintenance

Catch Basin Cleaning

The removal of sediments laden with contaminants and debris from stormwater catch basins to maintain the flow of surface water into the storm system. Regular maintenance of catch basins and inlets is necessary to ensure they are functioning properly. Individual basin cleaning is the first step in the chain to maintaining a functioning drainage system.

All waste removed from catch basins are properly dealt with in-house through our waste treatment facilities. For more information see PPV.

Catch Basin Cleaning Video Presentation:

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Benefits of Hiring Bravo:

  • Bravo offers various catch basin cleaning programs to meet your needs.
  • Our crews are extensively trained in thorough and safe cleaning of storm systems. They are trained and tested on storm drainage maintenance and design.
  • Bravo provides annual inspection of public and private facilities to ensure structural integrity and environmental compliance.
  • Bravo keeps logs of catch basins cleaned and stores disposal records for up to seven years.
  • Using Bravo reduces the number of vendors required to maintain environmental standards on your properties in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Customized reports are available for budget planning and compliance purposes.