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Pipe jetting
Hhigh pressure pipe jetting nozzle
Seattle, WA

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Pipe jetting

A Bravo bench test to customize the jetting nozzel to the pipe size and cleaning job specifications.


Infrastructure Maintenance


Pipe jetting involves the use of high pressure water and jetting nozzles. The combination of gallons per minute (GPM) and pressure per square inch (PSI) is critical in the efficiency of removing sediment from pipes. Bravo Vactor trucks have the best combination of water volume/GPM, which is necessary for moving sediment down the pipe; and PSI, which is needed to cut through the obstructions in the pipe.

Pipe-Jetting Video Presentation:

  • Large (Windows Media, broadband)
  • Small (Windows Media, modem)

Benefits of Hiring Bravo:

  • Extensive experience determining the proper nozzle and PSI for various job types.
  • Selection ranging from small lateral nozzles to 80lb culvert nozzles.
  • Reels located in front of truck for operator safety while working in traffic lanes.
  • Reels rotate and extend for easy equipment lineup.
  • Highest water pump rating in the industry.
  • Auto level wind for jetting hose handling.
  • Water tank capacity up to 4500 gallons.