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Sewer drain
Sewer drain: before Bravo Environmental servicing
Seattle, WA

Sewer drainSewer drain: after Bravo Environmental servicing
Seattle, WA



Infrastructure Maintenance

Additional Storm Drain Information

The introduction of the "Clean Water Act" has redefined the standards for water pollution control and management across the nation. It has had a powerful impact on the Northwest in its call for greater control on construction andnew development, while increasing environmental education, and the implementation of stronger ordinances and more comprehensive plans for storm water management among state and local municipalities.

The implementation of such ordinances for new and existing storm water control will dictate that practices once limited to voluntary compliance will see increased enforcement by state, federal and local agencies. Bravo Environmental provides the tools to enable your organization to meet the provisions of Clean Water legislation, while you do your part to protect the quality of our Northwest water resources.

Follow this link for up to date information on how recent changes in storm water run-off regulations will affect you, including new storm water sampling rules. http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wq/wqhome.html

Includes drawings of swales, vaults, manholes and other storm water system components.
King County Drainage Standards Manual.

King County Storm Water Topics

Seattle Times article published November, 2002, "Our Troubled Sound."

Diagram of urban runoff and storm drains.

EPA Storm Water home page, info on current storm water regulations, Phase One and Phase Two regulations, construction, industrial and municipal discharge.