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Company Profile


Bravo Environmental employee's welfare and concerns are important to the success of the company. Understanding and acceptance of this fundamental principle is essential to building long lasting business relationships. It is the intention of Bravo Environmental to encourage a working environment, based on mutual trust and confidence, which will provide opportunities and rewards for individual effort. Every employee is considered a member of our company. Our success as a company is built on the recognition of the skills and efforts made by each employee and our policy is to work with all members of this team in a fair and friendly manner and treat each team member with dignity and respect. 

The management, as part of this team, will continuously work together with all employees for the benefit of our present and prospective customers and suppliers in order to improve Bravo Environmental's competitive position, which enables us to accomplish three main goals:

  1. To provide superior jobs for all team members at Bravo
  2. To guarantee customer satisfaction with the provision of high quality services
  3. To look at internal candidates first for advancement

Bravo Environmental strives to provide the most comfortable working conditions possible in order to provide an environment for each employee to excel to their fullest potential. General conditions such as safety, cleanliness and employee accommodations will be evaluated periodically for improvement and will always aim to compare favorably with good industry practice. Management will meet with any team member to discuss suggested improvements in working conditions. Bravo Environmental is committed to honoring and abiding by the provisions of its employee handbook.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Bravo Environmental is built upon teamwork and equal opportunity. We are committed to a program of nondiscrimination. Bravo Environmental subscribes to the principles of an equal opportunity employer and will recruit, interview, hire, classify, train, promote, demote, discipline, determine rate of pay or other compensation, transfer, terminate, and recall on the basis of merit and qualification without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, physical disability, sex, or age.

Bravo Jobs

Bravo periodically has openings for primarily two types of employees, Vactor Truck Drivers and Laborers.

Below are job descriptions for both:

Vactor Truck Driver
The ideal candidate will be/have:
Mechanically inclined
Hard working
Truck driving experience
Willing to travel
Responsive to emergency calls
Good trouble shooting skills
Willing to work weekends and evenings
Class A CDL
Bravo will provide training to motivated, reliable candidates.

Seeking hard working individual to assist Vactor Truck Drivers on job sites and other activities.
The ideal candidate will be/have:
Hard working
Strong initiative
Good trouble shooting skills
Willing to work weekends and evenings
Bravo will provide training to motivated, reliable candidates.

Bravo Environmental looks for candidates for a Vactor Truck operator. If you are interested in joining the Bravo team, please fax or email it to us at:
Fax: 425.424.9002
Email:  hr@bravoenvironmental.com