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Bravo Environmental believes in saving our salmon, Seattle, WA


Company Profile

Company History

Bravo Environmental (Bravo) was founded by Al Schumacher and Robert Buchmayr in 1996. Al and Robert both spent 18 years commercial fishing and crabbing in Alaska. Al and Robert both have extensive experience in the construction industry, commercial diving and boat building.

They founded Bravo with the purpose of protecting the environment and utilizing their experience with complex mechanical systems, challenging job environments and changing technologies.

Since 1996 Bravo grew from a single old Camel truck to our existing fleet of the Northwest's newest and best equipped Vactor trucks, industrial vacuuming machines, hook trucks supports vehicles and pipeline inspection equipment.

To meet changing waste disposal regulations, Bravo joined forces with PPV NW Inc, the west coast leader in waste treatment and disposal services.

As a result Bravo now services a large municipal, industrial, construction, and commercial customer base in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California. Our primary areas of service range from infrastructure maintenance, infrastructure inspection and construction services. Bravo will continue to explore new growth opportunities in these fields based on customer needs.