“Safe Dig” excavation

construction excavating

Bravo Environmental is hydro-excavating to safely expose utilities

Uncovering buried pipelines or conduit/fiber ducts by traditional open cut methods can be complicated and dangerous. In addition, digging by hand is time-consuming and difficult. Bravo Environmental has made excavating easier and safer with its dedicated fleet of Vactor Hydro-Excavators.

The Vactor Hydro-Excavator uses high-pressure water, or high pressure air, and a vacuum source to excavate varying types of soil. Hydro-excavating, commonly used for slot-trenching, potholing and pipe locating, is less evasive. Therefore, causing no damage to buried fiber-optic lines, cables or utility pipelines.

Benefits of Hiring Bravo:

  • Bravo trucks are equipped with the most powerful vacuum systems available.
  • Water pressure rated as high as 28 GPM @ 5000 PSI for exceptional performance.
  • Full service- road coring/jackhammering, potholing, backfilling, surface restoration, data collection/reporting
  • GPS/GIS “forever” data points
  • Air spade excavation

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