Trenchless Pipe Repairs & “NO DIG” solutions

Bravo performs trenchless repairs on storm and sanitary sewer systems using the patented Quicklock Stainless-Steel repair sleeves, and also installs the LMK Technologies Vac-a-Tee cleanout access points.

Quicklock Point Repair

  • Single acces point repair method
  • No bypass or service shut-down required
  • No curing, chemicals, or steam required
  • 50 year design life- full stainless steel construction/with sealing gasket
  • 6″ to 32″ diameters
  • Blanks dead/leaking laterals
  • High flow installation
  • Fully removalable without damaging the host pipe


LMK Technologies

LMK Vac-a-Tee Clean Out Installation

  • Semi-trenchless clean out installation method.
  • Small 20″ “safe dig” hydro-excavation exposes small section of side sewer host pipe.
  • Installs in several hours or less.
  • Very low site restoration cost and effort with minimal surface impact.
  • Side sewer service is continuous throughout process.
  • Enables a variety of additional maintenance, inspection, cleaning, and rehab options.
  • Go here for more information.

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