Waste Disposal

Bravo Environmental’s partner company PPV, is a wastewater disposal and treatment services operation unique to the NW, having undergone its latest $2.5M facility upgrade in 2017. PPV’s plant resides in the heart of the NW Industrial District in Portland, OR. This Centralized Wastewater Treatment (CWT) facility is permitted by the City of Portland for several categories. The future of PPV is focused on the treatment and reclamation of the world’s number one resource – water.

PPV, Inc is permitted to treat and discharge wastewater, generated off-site, that meets the applicability criteria for sources defined in 40 CFR Part 437, Subpart D, Metals Treatment and Oils Treatment and Recovery.

Multiple centrifuges, material separators, and clarification tanks, ensure effective and efficient treatment, and full regulatory compliance.

Catch Basin Cleanouts

Industrial, commercial, and residential storm water from catch basin or vault cleanouts with a mix of liquid waste and solids. [Download Stormwater WIP]

Site Remediation Ground Water

Site clean-up, tank removal, or demolition residual water with greater than organic material

Construction Sludge / Slurry

Material from drilling, concrete wash outs and other material that do not qualify as organic

Non-RCRA Metal-Bearing Wastewater

All process water that does not contain material from our prohibited list[Download Industrial WIP]

Oil / Water Separators

Material from catch basins that collect oils, marine bilge or other collection systems that separate waters and oils [Download OWS WIP]

Over 100,000 gallons in tank capacity has been added for faster truck off loads, and upgraded media systems and filters ensure state-of-the-art treatment capabilities.

Office & Plant Location:

4927 NW Front Avenue
Portland,  OR  972010