PANORAMO 360 Sewer Scanning

Bravo Environmental is proud to be among one of the first CCTV inspection companies in the Pacific Northwest to use and offer PANORAMO technology.

PANORAMO 360 degree interactive data can be condition coded by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

The PANORAMO scanner is a specially designed pipe inspection camera system that utilizes dual fish-eyed lenses to snap high-resolution images as it traverses through a pipe, taking snapshots every 2″ along the way, and then rendering an interactive viewer file with the front and rear images to produce a 360 degree “virtual view” as if you’re standing inside the sewer.  The camera unit also traverses incredibly fast, at speeds of up to 70 ft/min without stopping, while still producing data that exceeds NASSCO PACP standards.

Bravo CCTV operator preparing the PANORAMO for deployment into a pipe located in a remote easement.

Bravo CCTV operator viewing PANORAMO data and operating the camera system in a sewer.







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