Lateral Launch Inspection

Advanced lateral launch technology allows Bravo to inspect most laterals from the main line and incorporate all findings into our various reporting formats.  The lateral launch inspection method means surveys can be conducted of side sewers connected to a mainline from a single manhole access point.  It is also more efficient and less intrusive than any above-ground method which requires cleanout access points, and private right-of-entry.  Bravo utilizes systems from Rausch and Envirosight to accomplish the lateral inspection from the main.

Typical Uses of Lateral Inspection Technologies:

Cross Bore - Crossbore

Utility Crossbore and resulting damage

lateral launcher inspection

Bravo Environmental uses state-of-the-art lateral launchers from Rausch USA

Benefits of Hiring Bravo:

  • Trained and experienced operators
  • 6″ to 48″ main size range
  • 3″ to 24″ lateral size range
  • Multiple “branch off lateral” navigation using “stearing pin” technology
  • Digital, data-based reporting environment
  • GPS/GIS mapping
  • No excavation is required
  • Significant time & cost savings
  • Pan and tilt lateral inspection cameras
  • Locating sondes intagrated into lateral camera head
  • Sonde locating to 40′ depths
Clean lateral from main

Root cutter on lateral cleaning camera