Manhole (MH) Inspection

Manholes, also known as Maintenance Holes (MHs), are the primary points of access to all underground infrastructure, and are crucial to operation and maintenance of drainage and collection systems.  Manholes are also a large source of inflow and infiltration (I&I) into sanitary sewer systems.  Locating, inspecting, and repairing manholes is one of the most cost effective management practices, especially to significantly reduce I&I.

Inspection Methods & Deliverables

Bravo performs several different types of manhole inspections, customized to meet your data collection and reporting needs, including MACP (NASSCO Manhole Assessment Certification Program) reports for Level I and Level II surveys.  Bravo also utilizes a variety of technologies and methods to achieve inspection program goals, including.

  • GPS logging of the location of MH structures.
  • Remote camera CCTV video inspection.
  • Digital pictures from the surface level.
  • Field measurement of MH dimensions.
  • Confined Space Entry (if needed) utilizing OSHA certified personnel, practices, and safety equipment.
  • Hydro-testing for I&I defects.
  • PANORAMO 360 degree digital scanning and geometric profiling.

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Inspection deliverables are available in a variety of formats, including Excel, WinCan, NASSCO MACP Level I and Level II, Digital videos/photos, and PDF documents.

Sample of a customized MH condition assessment form (non-NASSCO format).

Sample of a customized MH condition assessment form (non-NASSCO format).

For GIS integration, Bravo offers Access Database exports, as well as ESRI shapefiles of MH reports and videos/photos.  GPS logging survey data is exported in a wide variety of formats, including: Shapefile (.shp), Google Earth (.kml), and ArcGIS geodatabase.

GIS map display of shapefile layers

GIS map display of shapefile layers

PANORAMO Technology

The PANORAMO SI camera utilizes dual fish-eyed lenses which scans a structure from the bottom up, rendering a complete 360 degree view of the inspection, in addition to producing a geometric 3D profile of the structure.  Several of PANORAMO SI’s advantages include:

  • The fully-interactive 360° view enables the same level of data available confined space entry, and comprehensive and efficient analysis can be conducted in the office.
  • The camera produces high resolution digital images with 7 times the detail of CCTV.
  • The 3D geometric point-cloud enables accurate measurement of dimensions and AutoCAD integration.
  • Most manhole inspections require only 5-10 minutes of time in the field, making PANORAMO SI the safest way to survey assets in high-traffic areas.
  • PANORAMO’s efficiency makes it the most cost-effective method for large-scale proactive manhole inspection projects.
PANORAMO SI data (360 3D view, unfolded 2D view, geometric 3D scatterplot)

PANORAMO SI data (360 3D view, unfolded 2D view, geometric 3D scatterplot)