For waste­water col­lec­tion sys­tem own­ers and engineering consultants, we offer custom-​​tailored solu­tions for third party con­di­tion assess­ment cod­ing and report­ing on pipe and man­hole inspec­tion data. Bravo offers customizable reporting formats, as well as industry standards such as PACP and WRc.

Hav­ing Bravo take care of inspec­tion report­ing can free up your orga­ni­za­tion to get going on the next project while we han­dle the deliv­er­ables for you… turning your sewer DATA into sewer KNOWLEDGE!

With the advent of dig­i­tal scan­ning equip­ment, such as the PANORAMO 360° pipe and man­hole scan­ner, and the CleverScan for manholes, we now have the tech­nol­ogy for pipe con­di­tion assess­ment to be done anywhere, by anyone.  It’s no longer a task only per­formed while inside a cam­era truck, on the job site, with the equipment in the sewer, while work­ers or law enforce­ment con­ducts traf­fic con­trol, and while operator’s assistant waits.

PANORAMO 360 degree interactive data can be condition coded by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

PANORAMO 360 degree interactive data can be condition coded by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

If you’re a for­ward think­ing asset man­ager who real­izes the ben­e­fits (both eco­nomic and prac­ti­cal) of hav­ing a spe­cial­ist pro­duce inspec­tion reports off-​​site, or per­haps you’re an engi­neer in need of extra help turn­ing inspec­tion data into knowl­edge, then we should talk.

Bravo is proud to be among the first to offer a solu­tion to the work-​​flow prob­lem that has held back our indus­try since the very begin­ning.  Whether it’s a lack of prop­erly trained cam­era oper­a­tors, an over­whelm­ing amount of new inspec­tion data, archives of old inspec­tion data that’s never before been con­di­tion coded, or just a desire to keep your field crews from get­ting bogged down at job-​​sites with data-​​logging and analy­sis of pipe con­di­tions, Bravo can help with this.  We can code your sewer inspec­tion data, whether it’s for main­line sewer pipes, lat­er­als, man­holes, or all three!