Seattle Public Utilities Chooses Bravo for Acoustic Sewer Inspection

Bravo Environmental NW is pleased to announce it will begin a pilot program with Seattle Public Utilities Drainage & Wastewater to perform acoustic sewer inspections in Seattle.

Bravo has acquired the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT), a new technology which utilizes sound waves transmitted from one sewer manhole to the next.  Based on the signal transmitted through the segment of sewer pipe, the existence of blockages in the pipe can be assessed.

Example of the SL-RAT acoustic test in the field.

Example of the SL-RAT acoustic test in the field.

Bravo will be conducting the acoustic testing (which takes, approximately 5 minutes per pipe segment) in several neighborhoods around the downtown core of Seattle.  In addition, Bravo will provide surveys of MHs (maintenance holes / manholes) involving measurement of dimensions, digital photos, and completed condition assessment forms.

This is just one aspect of Seattle Public Utilities’ overall drainage maintenance program aimed at eliminated Combined Sewer / Sanitary Sewer Overflows (CSOs/SSOs).  Bravo is proud to be among the first users of this new technology in the world, and the very first initial user in the Pacific Northwest.  Please contact us if you’ve got any questions about this technology!